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Why dance classes are more than just an afterschool activity

By Ikin Dance • May 15, 2021

Kids Dance Classes on the Gold Coast

Learning dance from a young age can do wonders for your child’s overall development and wellbeing. The skills fostered in a kids dance class go far beyond the dance studio. From the powerful physical and social benefits to the more emotional, creative and cognitive - the positive outcomes are endless.

It’s so much more than just an activity to channel your child’s energy. Dance lessons lay the foundation for a successful, balanced and holistic life! Today, we take a deeper look at why so many parents are enrolling their young ones into kids dance classes on the Gold Coast. If this is something you’re considering - don’t sleep! Read on to see why it’s an absolute no-brainer!

Increase Physical Fitness

Dancing is a fantastic form of physical exercise. It trains you to move rhythmically, on multiple planes in all directions. Unlike some other forms of exercise, in a dance class, kids learn about functional, rotational and lateral movement. As you can imagine, they very quickly start to enjoy improved muscle tone, flexibility and stamina.

Through adolescence, it becomes increasingly important for kids to adapt to the rapid changes of their body and the world around them. A dance class is a great way for them to do this. Posture. Spatial Awareness. Agility. Balance. There’s so many aspects to our physicality and at IKIN dance, we help students understand and strengthen them all. From building coordination to improving cardio, our kids dance classes on the Gold Coast are the perfect way to keep your child active, healthy and physically in shape.

Enhance Emotional Development

When kids experience the joy of dancing they’re exposed to various levels of self-expression. Whether it’s through music or a lived experience, dance teaches us the power of connecting with something deeper. It teaches us how to embrace our inner emotions. Cope with anxiety. Reduce stress. Overcome our fears. That being said, not all dance teachers understand this, let alone are able to help children deal with these ideas. So when looking for a dance studio, it’s important to choose one that has expertise in this area.

When it comes to any of our kids dance classes on the Gold Coast, we prioritise developing emotional intelligence as much as musicality and technique. Our qualified teachers provide a safe and inclusive environment - a structured outlet for your child to freely discover and refine their emotional maturity.

Improve Social Skills

Kids Dance classes on the Gold Coast are a great way for children to improve their social skills. Whether it’s learning how to be respectful of others. Working in a team towards a common goal. Giving and accepting feedback. Building empathy. Communicating conceptual and abstract ideas. Public speaking. Or even creating a sense of trust and cooperation. Just a single dance lesson presents an abundance of dynamic human interactions, from which we can all learn.

Dance has a way of uniting us, regardless of our age, gender, background or ability. The friendships formed in our kids dance classes on the Gold Coast, are also something truly incredible. At IKIN Dance, your child will feel part of a family. Whether they’re just starting out or have been dancing for years - we foster each student’s unique voice. Giving them the self-confidence to own it and share it with the world.

Expand Creativity and Cognition

Dancing allows children to unleash their imagination. Each dance style from Ballet to Hip hop opens new doors to movement, knowledge and culture. This journey can spark your child’s creativity in many ways. It can push kids to dance outside the box; to solve problems with innovation. To think critically and to be curious. Those who attend kids dance classes on the Gold Coast are already enhancing certain parts of their brain. From making split-second decisions in freestyle, to kinaesthetic memory and pattern recognition during choreography. In this way, these children are actually boosting their intelligence!

With so many dance classes on the Gold Coast to choose from, how can you tell if you’re on to a winner? Here’s some things to think about. Are the children being made to feel comfortable in their own skin? Encouraged to explore their creativity? Taught techniques to develop their freestyle? Inspired to evolve with a growth mindset? And above all else, are they having some serious fun!?

Cultivate a Resilient Mind

While sometimes it may appear to be simply a physical activity, dance offers many hidden lessons for the mind. Our kids dance classes on the Gold Coast are about so much more than just movement. Whether it’s developing perseverance and self-discipline to sharpening time management skills, in a dance lesson, students are constantly training their mental acuity.

One of the most rewarding benefits of learning dance is the experience of self-mastery. Not just what to learn, but how to learn. How to approach the unknown and effortlessly navigate through it. At IKIN Dance, we encourage students to embrace mistakes. These are actually portals for self-discovery and should be celebrated as such. It’s about accepting vulnerability, encouraging questions and focusing on a child’s effort and motivation rather than their outcome.

Preparing Your Child for Life

The beauty of a kids dance class is in how the skills acquired can be transferred into all areas of a child’s life. We see it all the time with our students. From shy kids breaking out of their shell, to confident ones broadening their comfort zones. The positive impacts on a child’s life are next level!

Because dance lies at the intersection of athleticism and artistry, it engenders a high level of mental and physical self-awareness, which many other children's activities don’t. Perceptual skills that will serve them for the rest of their lives. And our kids dance classes on the Gold Coast are no exception. So don’t wait any longer. Invest in your child’s future and book a free trial at IKIN Dance now!

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