Hip Hop Dance Classes on the Gold Coast. Check Yourself.

The recipe for a Hip hop dance class and why you seldom find them on the Gold Coast.

By Ikin Dance • Apr 15, 2021

Hip Hop Dance Classes on the Gold Coast

It’s no surprise that nine out of ten people enquiring about dance classes on the Gold Coast, will without fail, ask us about our Hip hop dance classes on offer. Hip hop is undoubtedly the most iconic music genre in the world right now. Nearly every single dance school on the Gold Coast will feature Hip hop dance classes on their timetable. But when a market gets this saturated, you need to be able to separate the good stuff from the junk. So how do you know if you are learning the real thing?

Beats You Can Bounce To

Sometimes the best way to understand something, is to understand what it’s not. If you join a Hip hop dance class on the Gold Coast and the music playing is Miley Cirus or Taylor Swift, then there’s your first red flag. To know if you’re in a real Hip hop dance class, listen to the beats the teacher plays.

Hip hop dance is, and always has been about the music. Can you rock to it? Does it make your head bob? 808s to rhythmic breaks. From the Golden Age to Trap - I’m talking about the likes of Nas, Jay-z, Missy, Kendrick, Young M.A., Big Daddy Kane, J-Cole, Lauren Hill, Flatbush, Busta, Travis Scott, Tupac, Migos, Future. This is just scratching the surface here, but you get the gist. Born from a culture of social dancing and parties, music is everything! It's what gives life to this dance.

Are You Just Learning Chorey?

Many hip hop dance classes on the Gold Coast will use part of a Hip hop song to teach you a routine, on repeat - which is great if you’re in the business of looking like other people. By the end of the class, you’ll have learned a single piece of one-dimensional, watered-down, lyrical-infused choreography (sometimes with a pout). Unfortunately, this type of “Hip hop dance class” is more common than you might think.

Due to the commercialization of Hip hop (including the myriad of dance shows packaged for the screen), we are finding more and more teachers offering choreography classes, masquerading as Hip hop dance. While this “urban choreography” might borrow, and be influenced by Hip hop, it doesn’t make it so. Just the same way, a contemporary dancer, who borrows from Ballet, doesn’t become a ballerina.

The Real Deal. When You Know, You Know.

What then makes a Hip hop dance class legit? And why is it so rare to find on the Gold Coast? Unbeknownst to some, Hip hop dance does not equate to “do whatever you feel” - and it’s not a combination of breaking, popping, locking or krumping. Those are individual dance styles in their own right.

In our Gold Coast Hip hop dance classes, you will actually learn hip hop dance technique - the party dances that form the foundation of this diverse dance style. These dances have spanned decades and take years of practise to both master and then teach. You might have heard of some of the more popular ones, like the “cabbage patch”, “milly rock”, “nae nae” or “hit them folks”.

Learning these social dances are the true sign of a dope hip hop dance class on the Gold Coast. It’s one thing to perform these moves, but another thing to break them down for easy consumption. At Ikin Dance Studio, we deconstruct party dances for you, so that even an absolute beginner can find their groove. And if you’re more advanced, we give you the tools to unpack your own creativity, while helping you weave complex ideas together. We show you how to adapt these dances to your body - to make them work for your style. Or how to even develop a style!

This is what our hip hop dance classes are all about. Discovering who you are within the context of the music. Whether it’s boombap or trap. Old school. Middle school. New school. Hip hop has a rich culture of movement, history and ideas. It’s continually evolving - Each dance has its own origin and meaning. If you take hip hop dance classes on the Gold Coast and your teacher doesn’t share the names of any hip hop dances, then you’re in your right to ask, “what exactly am I learning?” As pioneers of dance education down under, we understand knowledge, imagination and truth reign supreme. And it’s our responsibility to share them correctly with future generations.

Unlike most Hip hop dance classes on the Gold Coast, we educate our students on the lineage of the artform, as much as the execution. Because we live and breathe this culture, we know Hip hop theory is just as important, and gives our students an edge when it comes to connecting and broadening their arsenal of moves. We focus on building your ability to freestyle as well as tell a story through choreography. The cypher (circle) is our playground. Rather than learning moves to one track, one way, facing the mirror - we make sure you can confidently dance in all directions, to any song, in any setting - by yourself and in a crowd.

Originality Stands Alone

When you step into a Hip hop dance class on the Gold Coast of this calibre, you’ll instantly know and feel the difference. The class won’t be centred around mimicking the instructor. Although you’ll be in a room with other students, it will feel like the dance class is all about you. Your potential. What you can do. How you can take what you learn - flip it, own it, mess with it, explore it in all its dimensions, add your flavour and create something special that is unique to you.

That’s when you know you’ve found an authentic Hip hop dance class on the Gold Coast. A dance studio that understands the culture - that knows how to foster your individual expression in an encouraging, inclusive and fun atmosphere. That’s when you know you’re in the right place.

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